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Jeffrey Friedlander, physician at the Neurology & Pain Center in Tampa, was recently convicted of Medicare fraud and drug conspiracy through his participation in a “pill mill.” Friedlander facilitated a drug-trafficking scheme by signing blank prescriptions, used to obtain powerful pain killers that were then sold on the street. Centers such as Friedlander’s are being dubbed the new face of health care fraud.

Clinic employees filed bogus Medicare claims for tests and procedures never performed, and billed Medicare for painkillers with fake patient profiles. Continue reading ›

U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a long-time proponent of the False Claims Act and an anti-fraud advocate, has recently criticized reports of high-volume prescribers. In particular, Grassley addresses those prescribing extremely large quantities of mental health drugs. Recently, many pharmaceutical companies have agreed to large settlements involving the off-label promotion of these drugs, many of which are the must lucrative of the companies’ offerings.

In his report to Congress, Grassley identified a Miami doctor who allegedly wrote approximately 97,000 prescriptions in 18 months for mental health drugs- averaging about 177 prescriptions per day. He also cited a Texas doctor who wrote 14,170 prescriptions for Xanax in 2009. Continue reading ›

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