Whistleblowers Allege Sacramento Private School Overcharged Government, Employed Uncertified Teachers

Sacramento, CA – A student and three former employees have filed a California False Claims Act case against Universal Health Services, one of the nation’s largest health care management companies and owner of a Sacramento special education school called Creekside Academy.  The lawsuit alleges that the private, for-profit school system falsified records, charged the state for absent students, understaffed classrooms, and employed uncertified teachers while receiving public education dollars.

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2009 by four whistleblowers in the case who claim to have “first-hand knowledge of the fraudulent, unlawful and unfair educational policies, practices and activities.”  The whistleblowers are a former student, Anthony Martin, a counselor and clinical director, Jason Bradley, educational aid, Jessica Neu-Helms, and vice principal, Nicola Parr.  The whistleblowers in this case seek to return the money that the State of California allegedly overpaid the defendants and also hope to obtain a portion of the reward for their efforts as whistleblowers.

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